# Config Reference


You can override the shipped defaults with the plugin options so you don't have configure each component instance separately.

# Component

# Props

Name Type Description
value Number The value of the input. v-model is supported.
currency String/Object A ISO 4217 (opens new window) currency code (for example USD or EUR). Default is EUR. You can also pass an object {prefix, suffix} for customizing the currency symbol or null to hide the currency symbol permanently.
locale String A BCP 47 (opens new window) language tag (for example en or de-DE). Default is undefined (use the runtime's default locale).
auto-decimal-mode Boolean Whether the decimal symbol is inserted automatically, using the last inputted digits as decimal digits. Default is false (the decimal symbol needs to be inserted manually).
precision Number/Object The number of displayed decimal digits. Default is undefined (use the currency's default). Must be between 0 and 20 and can only be applied for currencies that support decimal digits. You can also pass an object {min, max} to use a precision range (ranges are not available when using auto-decimal-mode or value-as-integer).
distraction-free Boolean/Object Whether to hide negligible decimal digits, the currency symbol and the grouping symbol on focus. Default is true. You can also pass an object of boolean properties to configure each option: {hideNegligibleDecimalDigits, hideCurrencySymbol, hideGroupingSymbol}. Using false will leave the formatted value untouched on focus.
value-as-integer Boolean Whether the number value should be handled as integer instead of float value. Default is false.
value-range Object The range of accepted values as object {min, max}. Default is undefined (no value range). The validation is triggered on blur and automatically sets the respective threshold if out of range.
allow-negative Boolean Whether the input of negative values is allowed. Default is true. If false it prevents the user to press -.

# Methods

Name Arguments Description
setValue value (Number) Sets a value programmatically.

# Directive options

The v-currency directive supports the same options as the <currency-input> component which have to be passed as object. All object keys have to be defined in camel case notation, for example:

  <input v-currency="{
    locale: 'en',
    currency: 'USD',
    valueAsInteger: false,
    distractionFree: true,
    precision: 5,
    autoDecimalMode: true,
    valueRange: { min: 0 },
    allowNegative: false

# Plugin options

To customize the plugin installation you can optionally pass an options object to Vue.use():

Vue.use(VueCurrencyInput, {
  globalOptions: { 
    currency: 'USD' // only override the default currency 'EUR' with 'USD'
  componentName: 'MoneyInput', // now you can use the component with <money-input>

Valid object keys are:

Key Type Description
globalOptions Object Overriding of the shipped default options. Same object structure as directive options.
componentName String The name with which the component is to be registered. Default is CurrencyInput.
directiveName String The name with which the directive is to be registered. Default is currency.